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The guitar was originally nick-named War and Peace, but Heavy Metal seemed a more appropriately literal name. Home. Guitars. Videos. Gallery. Buying an ODD. About. Contact .

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3D printing allows designs to be created that could not be manufactured through traditional means. The 3D printing technology used in ODD guitars is Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). 2016-10-12 2012-10-18 ODD guitars are all top quality off-the-shelf hardware and most of them can be specified by the customer when ordering. In fact, one of the things that is great about 3D printing is that it allows quite a range of customisation by the user without adding much to the cost of the components. Check out the amazing range of ODD Guitar designs 2020-02-28 Olaf Diegel with some of his collection of 3D printed guitars.

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| 3D Print Expo The first live concert with a band consisting only of 3D-printed instruments has taken place at Lund University in Sweden. The band included a drum, keyboard and two guitars, all 3D-printed by Lund University professor Olaf Diegel. The band members were … We've been caught in Lund University professor Olaf Diegel's creative web ever since first covering the 3D-printed Spider electric guitar back in 2012. Since then, he's kitted out a live rock band 2017-10-09 Olaf Diegel 3D-Printed Guitars.

Olaf diegel guitars

Olaf Diegel 3D-printade gitarrer -

This awesome 3D-printed ODD steam-punk telecaster by Olaf Diegel for example.

Olaf diegel guitars

You can take the cool up a notch or two by getting a limited or special edition from one of the big manufacturers, or even by having your existing one customized. But you’ll be hard-pressed to find one as cool looking as one of Olaf Diegel’s 3D-Printed Guitars. July 29, 2013 With bodies that are 3D printed, rather than carved, Professor Olaf Diegel’s ODD Guitars are truly like nothing you’ve seen or played before.
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Olaf diegel guitars

1.68K subscribers. Subscribe · ODD 3D printed guitar first sound test. Watch later.

Uppdragsgivare och producent: Lunds universitet – Odd Guitars.
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Med hjälp av tekniken  “Musicians on the scene when Hendrix arrived -- “There were guitar players weeping. on Instagram: “Spider LP 3D printed guitar by Olaf Diegel of ODD. Professor Olaf Diegel från Lunds tekniska högskola har lekt lite med sin 3D-skrivare för att skriva ut instrument som gitarr, trummor och synth.

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5 Aug 2016 Editor's note: Olaf Diegel, associate consultant at Wohlers Associates, has designed, manufactured and sold many guitar designs in polymer. 27 Jan 2014 the 3D Printed Electric Guitar by ODD Guitars is a perfect example of what advanced 3D printing process can achieved. Olad Diegel's website to learn more about the construction process too. Olaf Diegel via Hack 8 Mar 2012 The amazing 3d-printed guitars seen here are the work of Olaf Diegel, an Auckland-based design engineer who makes "strange stuff you just  Olaf Diegel has harnessed his creativity with Cubify 3D Printers to create unique and intricate guitars. Olaf uses Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D Printing … 5 Aug 2014 I mean, you probably couldn't, but luthier Olaf Diegel has done exactly that. Diegel took a break from making high-end 3D-printed guitars and  4 Feb 2015 Some designers, like Olaf Diegel, have opted to 3D print entire instruments, like the guitar below, or even an entire band of instruments.